I’m a Welsh full-stack designer and illustrator who loves helping people leap ahead. I love creating fantastic content for fantastic people, from pencil to pixel and pride myself on making great things that do great things for the people I work with.

I never sweat the small stuff - every element from image, type and even sound and music, is paramount. But if I’m not pushing pencils or pixels, I’m playing D&D or writing adventures under the alias froginajar.

What I do

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Some of my previous work

RM Factory

Direct mail & illustration

RM Education

A hand-crafted promotional direct mail created to promote RM Education’s range of laptops for primary and secondary schools.

The Brief

RM Education hold an interesting position in the market with their own unique set of laptops and computers, specifically designed for use within a fast-paced, high impact school envirornment. As a junior in-house designer working within the small scale design team, I was asked to create a concept for a unique direct-mail to promote these hand-wearing laptops to primary schools and secondary schools nationwide across the UK.

The Strategy

Every laptop in RM Education's range is specialised for a specific use, much like someone having their own favourite chocolate in a chocolate box. Therefore, I originally pitched the concept of a chocolate box as a direct mail idea, with each individual chocolate being representative of the range. Although this was a much larger scale than the client intended, the final concept was still based around a chocolate bar, and that each laptop was hand-crafted, much like an artisan chocolate. I designed and illustrated the entire interior contents of the mail-out, including the brochure and chocolate bar packaging design.

The project in total returned a 20:1 on investment.

Herbees Restaurant

Brand design proposal & logo design


A delicious brand identity concept for a brand with a fun take on food while travelling.

The brief

Herbees is a food retail business aiming to change the perception of service station food. Run by foody friends Jack and John Wright, Herbees serves healthy, well-sourced honey-based cuisine and vegetarian options available to takeaway, such as honey-roast chicken burgers, honey granola and Greek lemon yoghurt and Moroccan falafels. The company's specialisation in honey is also reflected in its name - all the honey used in each brand across the UK can be sourced to their own apiary. Herbees also offers lots of breakfast options, vegan options and gluten-free options too, something that John feels very passionate about. The lack of dietary options at service stations is severely lacking, making Herbees an innovative new player in the market. They believe that good, healthy and fun food shouldn't be hard to find and a second thought, especially when you travel.

The strategy

Herbees is inspired after Jack and John's love of travelling and the Herbie films of the early 60s. They adore the slick styling of the classic VW Beetle as well as the film's quirky sense of humour and love affair with the car. As a result, the brand identity is a fun take on motoring and racing iconography, containing references to the films such as 'Thorndyke's Tea and Toast' and the 'No. 53 Burger'.

Turtle Promotions

Brand & poster design language

Lucy Turtle of Turtle Promotions

A quirky logo design and brand language for a music promoter in South Wales

The brief

Lucy Turtle is a music promoter based in the Swansea and South West Wales area. Originally I was hired to create regular music posters for various unsigned indie and alternative bands across the area. A little later on, I was asked to modernise and update the brand to attract a new audience to band performances.

The strategy

The new logomark needed to reflect both a quirky, fun attitude but also the music loving nature of the business. As well as this, the new mark had to be used as an entry stamp to prove gig attendees had purchased tickets. The final logo, therefore, was a play on the name of the client and a guitar fret, created in a tattoo style.

Away Day Interactive Quiz

Web design, web development & illustration



A playful but professional interactive quiz for managers to choose the best away days

The Brief

Unum are a company with the employee in mind. They vouch for protecting the employee and help businesses to introduce benefits for their staff. Initially pitched as a static flowchart infographic, I managed the strategy, design and development of an interactive quiz as an evergreen promotional tool and light-hearted way for businessowners decide on the best away day for their staff.

The strategy

As well as defining the overall look of the site and developing the operation of the quiz, I managed the UI and UX along with creating the icons for each of the away days’ result pages.

The Great Oscar Debatabase

Web design & development

Morph Suits

An expansive and extensive mini-site, celebrating the best of the silver screen.

The Brief

Morph Suits is a fancy dress retailer based in the heart of Edinburgh, specialising in the production of full body fancy dress costumes for a wide range of characters and themes from movies and pop culture. As part of a promotional marketing campaign based around the Baftas and Oscars ceremonies for 2016, a encyclopedic-style mini site was proposed, showing the company's true love of film. The site aimed to show the best actors and actresses over the 50 years based on the amount of Oscar and/or Bafta awards they had won throughout their career.

The strategy

The site was designed with two specfic sections in mind, with a third section designed to be a pop-up window that activated on each entry in the graph. The graph itself was one of the trickiest aspects of the site to implement, but was an essential part of giving the entire site its effectiveness.

The site was built with a Bourbon Neat framework.

The Caffeine Calculator

Illustration, web design & development

Fly To Dubai


A quirky online calculator and health guide for a luxurious travel advice website

The Brief

Although being based in the Isle of Man, Fly to Dubai aims to promote the best of the Arabian city and for the best price. As part of a promotional online campaign based around healthy living and good eating, they requested an online ever-green calculator helping users to work out the levels of caffeine they consume daily, and help them realise the danger levels of excessive caffeine consumption.

The strategy

Each section needed to researched thoroughly so that each drink and its caffeine level could be used and calculated accurately. At the same time, the complete design and illustration style of the calculator needed to fit within the predefined design guidelines and platform of the site.

Internet Censorship Around The World

Web design & development



A online data visualisation documenting internet freedoms around the world

The Brief

In a dangerous world where internet censorship is becoming more and more commonplace, IVPN offers greater internet freedom and accessibility on almost any consumer available device. However, not everywhere has that accessibility. As a way of promotiong their services, IVPN requested an online, interactive data visualisation displaying all internet accessibility across the world in a simple to understand format.

The strategy

The final site is expansive and information packed, with each country being clickable to show more information. Alongside an interactive map, expansive lists were also provided, revealing the top countries with the most restrictions.

The Road to Season 6

Web design & development

1st Aerials


A online calculator documenting the length of the iconic series

The brief

1st Aerials are a small TV installations company based in the heart of Berkshire, specialising in the installation of Sky and digital television services in the area. Although the site was intially briefed as much more extensive site containing information of similar series such as 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul' amongst others, my client felt that this was considerably too large for their site to handle. Therefore the brief was readjusted to connect with the release of Season 5 of HBO's hit series 'Game of Thrones'.

The strategy

Although the final site looks relatively simple, this was a challenging but incredibly fun project, in which a great deal of logical thinking was required. The length of each episode needed to be researched and stored. The code behind the site had to both calculate the total time according to user input, but at the same time, display the amount of time left that the user had to watch. This information also needed to easily translatable into years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds! As a result, the site gained considerable attention on social media, giving the client the needed promotional boost the initial brief required. So successful in fact, that the site was later updated to cover the following season when it was announced, making it a very useful tool for new fans and existing fans alike.

Height of Jackpots in Coins

Illustration, web design & development


A fun interactive visualisation describing the scale of lottery prizes

The brief

Based in Gibraltar, Lottoland is a one-stop site helping lottery players to buy tickets and check up on the results from several different games in one place, including Thunderball, The National Lottery, Euromillions and several games from outside the UK, including the Spanish El Gordo and Irish Lotto games. As part of a promotional campaign to attract more traffic to the site, the client wanted to display the scale of the EuroMillions jackpot in a fun yet informative way that also worked well with the cheerful and friendly Lottoland brand.

The strategy

Working alongside an SEO consultant, I designed and illustrated a proposal for an online interactive website where coins would pile up against several worldwide landmarks and events. As well as designing and illustrating all artwork on the site, I also developed the site and produced all interactive animations while scrolling.

Which Interactive Guides

Illustration, web design & development


Online tools to take the confusion out of consumer decisions

The Brief

Which? are a well-known British consumer brand offering down-to-earth independent advice on wide range of common consumer issues. They also conduct reviews on a considerable range of products, such as laptops, mortgages and electrical appliances. As part of an on-going contract with the company, Which required a selection of interactive and embedabble guides for several sections of the website. For the mortgage advisor sections, three guides were required: mortgage application, becoming a landlord and buying a new home. For the laptop section of the site, a small embeddable interactive guide was required to help consumers choose between a laptop, tablet or a combined device.

The strategy

All four guides were written and designed alongside the marketing department at Which? and specifically developed with the Which? CMS in mind. As head designer and developer on the project, I worked closely with the Which? marketing department to come up with a proposal and managed each stage of the process of each guide simultaneously - the UX strategy, UI design, illustration and development. In so doing, my client ended up with a fully-customisable guide template that could be adapted for future interactive guides. As a result, all the mortgage guides are now evergreen sections on the Which? site.

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