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A hand-crafted promotional direct mail created to promote RM Education’s range of laptops for primary and secondary schools.

The Brief

RM Education hold an interesting position in the market with their own unique set of laptops and computers, specifically designed for use within a fast-paced, high impact school environment. As a junior in-house designer working within the small scale design team, I was asked to create a concept for a unique direct-mail to promote these hand-wearing laptops to primary schools and secondary schools nationwide across the UK.

The Strategy

The complete 'chocolate box' including brochure and chocolate bar

Logo on the front of the brochure

Every laptop in RM Education's range is specialised for a specific use, much like someone having their own favourite chocolate in a chocolate box. Therefore, I originally pitched the concept of a chocolate box as a direct mail idea, with each individual chocolate being representative of the range. Although this was a much larger scale than the client intended, the final concept was still based around a chocolate bar, and that each laptop was hand-crafted, much like an artisan chocolate. I designed and illustrated the entire interior contents of the mail-out, including the brochure and chocolate bar packaging design.

The project in total returned a 20:1 on investment.

The chocolate bar

The first double-page spread of the brochure

Examples of the combined photography and digital illustration inside the brochure

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